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When describing pearls there is often some confusion over the terms

real, natural & cultured.

Natural pearls are created by the mollusc alone, with no intervention from man –

they are extremely rare and very expensive.

Nowadays the vast majority of the world’s pearls are cultured –

where something has been implanted into the mollusc

stimulating it to produce nacre – and thus, a pearl.

Whether seawater or freshwater,

cultured pearls are the pearls most readily available today.

Natural and Cultured pearls are both real in the sense that they grow inside a mollusc – imitation pearls do not.

Real cultured freshwater pearls

are available in an infinite variety of colours, both dyed and natural,

and many fascinating and inspiring shapes and sizes.


Many of the pieces that I make are unique,

as are the pearls themselves.

I like to allow each individual pearl to inspire the piece of jewellery that I create.


Above all,

I want to make jewellery

that will be worn.


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Maxine Symons

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