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Jane Suchodolski

Such Ceramics

Artisans email Jane Jane Suchodolski's blue and green glazed bowl Jane Suchodolski's blue glazed vase Jane Suchodolski's lovely mixture of glazes on this small bowl Jane Suchodolski - three small vases with superb celadon glazes

Jane lives near St Austell

where she has her pottery.

She makes a wide range of pots -

jugs, cups, bowls, vases, etc

using wonderfully coloured glazes.




Jane Suchodolski's porcelain 'Spot' 
bowl Jane Suchodolski - sky-blue glazedbowl Jane Suchodolski's gorgeous blue glaze plate

'I have been working with clay for over 30 years and am continually inspired by the people, places and things I love: my family, friends, the sea and the land that gives me the clay.

My continuing experimentation with colour in the glazes I make holds a deep fascination for me and most of all, I enjoy the happy accident.

I produce finely thrown work in stoneware and porcelain for commissions and selected galleries in the UK, Europe and the USA.'


Jane Suchodolski - inside of Laggon bowl Jane Suchodolski - inside of stunning turquoise bowl Jane Suchodolski - inside of pink bowl with stunning glaze Jane Suchodolski - porcelain bells Jane Suchodolski - tiny porcelain dish Jane Suchodolski -  three Lagoon blue dishes Jane Suchodolski - turquoise pedastol dish IJane Suchodolski - inside turquoise pedastol dish Jane Suchodolski - Spotted bowls tJane Suchodolski - tiny pot with flowers Jane Suchodolski - porcelain bells Jane Suchodolski - new lilac glaze Jane Suchodolski - tiny bowl in new lilac glaze Crowan Crafts - Jane Suchodolski - tiny flower vases with daisies