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Catherine Lucktaylor

AquaLuna Arts - Raku pottery



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Catherine trained in ceramics at

Wolverhampton Polytechnic and has lived and worked in West Cornwall since 2009.

Catherine creates exquisitely crafted, one of a kind, hand built & raku fired ceramics in her garden studio 2 miles from Land's End.

Rock Pool bowls and Landscape Pots take inspiration from the Cornish landscape, the rugged cliffs, the wild sea and the undulating waves crashing against the rocks.

All pieces in the Landscape Series are made using hand building techniques such as pinching and coiling.

Some surfaces are burnished using a smooth pebble

The Rock Pool Bowls are simply glazed with a white, red or turquoise crackle glaze and fired in an outdoor raku kiln. The pieces are heated  to around 700 – 900 degrees centigrade using gas attached to a special gas burner. Once the glaze has melted the pieces are carefully removed from the kiln whilst red hot using metal tongs. The coolness of the air encourages the glaze to crackle and once plunged into sawdust and allowed to smoulder, carbon from the smoke penetrates the cracks in the glaze creating the familiar crackle effect associated with the raku process and transforms the white clay to a rich black and/or subtle grey.

Landscape Pots are also fired in this way, but are

treated slightly differently. Using a technique called

Naked Raku the outside of the pots have a resist slip

brushed on to the surface and a resist glaze is

applied over the top. Once removed from the sawdust

the glaze peels away in areas like eggshell leaving

the marks of the smoke on the bare clay.

The Landscape Series embodies a reflection of the beauty and the power of the elemental forces inherent in the Cornish landscape.

Catherine Lucktaylor - Lanscape raku pot with copper red Catherine Lucktaylor - raku landscape pot with blue lining Catherine Lucktaylor - Raku rockpool bowls Catherine Lucktaylor - small raku landscape pot Catherine Lucktaylor - Raku landscape pot Catherine Lucktaylor - raku rockpool bowls Catherine Lucktaylor - Raku Landscape pot Catherine Lcuktaylor- Raku rockpool bowl with copper glazing Catherine Lcuktaylor - tiny red raku landscape pot Catherine Lucktaylor - Raku bowl Catherine Lucktaylor - raku horsehead Catherine Lucktaylor - Raku horsehead Catherine Lcuktaylor - tiny red raku landscape pot Catherine's website email Catherine Artisans Catherine Lucktaylor - firing Raku pottery Catherine Lucktaylor - raku bowl with copper effect Catherine Lucktaylor - raku bowl Catherine Lucktaylor - raku pots smouldering in sawdust Catherine Lucktaylor - A collection of Raku pots at our Crowan exhibition